Nov. 30 2022

“Siemens China Caring Hands” initiative launched

  • On the occasion of 150 years in China, Siemens launches a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, continuing its engagement in CSR activities with a focus on Access to Technology, Access to Education, and Sustaining Communities
  • New projects including “Future Vocational Education Project” and “A Gift of Sound” are initiated
  • Siemens Employee Volunteer Association (SEVA) celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and has organized nearly 500 volunteering events across China, benefitting tens of thousands of people

Siemens officially launched the “Siemens China Caring Hands” initiative in China today. With advanced technologies, Siemens will carry out knowledge and experience exchange, technological assistance, monetary donations, and other forms of CSR actions, with a focus on three areas – Access to Technology, Access to Education and Sustaining Communities.

“Siemens China Caring Hands” initiative launched

“Technology with Purpose for a better life is a consistent commitment of Siemens,” said Dr. Xiao Song, Global Executive Vice President, President and CEO Siemens Greater China, Chairman, President and CEO Siemens Ltd., China. “This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Siemens in China, and also the 10th anniversary of Siemens Employee Volunteer Association (SEVA). On this historic occasion, we officially launch the ‘Siemens China Caring Hands’ initiative in China. This marks another key milestone of Siemens’ journey towards future and devotion to China’s CSR development, as well as an example of our firm commitment and tangible actions to support China’s social sustainability. Looking ahead, Siemens wishes to work with more partners to support China’s CSR development and create more social value.”

“Siemens China Caring Hands” initiative launched

“Siemens China Caring Hands” initiative mainly includes “Siemens I-Green Education Program”, as well as the newly launched “Future Vocational Education Project” and “A Gift of Sound”. Under “Future Vocational Education Project”, Siemens will provide education supports and assistance to teachers and students of vocational colleges in China, aiming to strengthen the development of innovative, application-oriented and skilled talents. More specifically, Siemens will organize site visits and practices, offer general and special courses on intelligent manufacturing, and carry out other forms of public welfare projects for students. Moreover, Siemens will actively roll out mentorship programs, teachers’ workshops and trainings. In this way, it will fully help push forward vocational education and optimize the talent structure, continuously cultivating talents to drive social development in China. As scheduled, the program will start from Sichuan Province and gradually cover more schools in other areas of China. “A Gift of Sound”, a charity project for left-behind and blind children, is jointly initiated by Siemens and Horizon Corporate Volunteer Consultancy. Siemens provides an audio recording platform and reading materials for employee volunteers, and distributes the audio gifts carrying knowledge, care and companionship to the children in need. The first batch of audios will be donated to Shumugou School in Hinggan League, Inner Mongolia. In addition to the audio gifts, Siemens “Winter Care Package” will also be sent to more than 200 boarding students of the school.

The “Siemens China Caring Hands” initiative also provides an opportunity for the company to expand its existing “Siemens I-Green Education Program”. The 13-year-old program for migrant children in primary schools has been rolled out in 10 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi’an and Chengdu, benefitting over 25,000 migrant children. The “Siemens I-Green Summer Project” launched in 2018, has been listed as one of the core projects of “China Education Support Project” for five years. It has supported over 1,000 student volunteers from 21 universities to teach classes in 29 provinces and autonomous regions across China, benefiting nearly 69,000 students and teachers in rural areas. In the future, Siemens will continue its efforts in this project, and plans to support student teams from 50 Chinese universities to complete their social activities and class teaching in rural areas in 2023.

This year is also the 10th anniversary of SEVA. Under “Siemens China Caring Hands” initiative, the company will encourage more employees to actively participate in volunteering activities, creating value for the society. As an important platform and carrier for Siemens to promote CSR projects, SEVA has so far organized nearly 500 volunteering events across China, benefiting tens of thousands of people.

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Keynote speech from Dr. Xiao Song:

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