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Aug. 6 2020

Siemens supports Flender Phase III R&D Center honored LEED Gold certification

Siemens and Flender Mechanical Drive Systems Co., Ltd. (Flender) held a certificate handover ceremony to celebrate that Flender Phase III R&D Center was awarded LEED Gold certification today. With the green and smart energy-saving technologies and expertise in sustainable management for buildings, Siemens provided the R&D Center with the comprehensive green solutions for design, construction and operational management, integrating Siemens Building Technology’s key products and technologies in automation control with the advanced green technologies in electromechanical engineering, lighting and heating, actively building sustainable constructions and creating the green and smart work space. Having been committed to the green and sustainable development for years, Flender partnered with Siemens in building Flender Phase III R&D Center and winning LEED Gold for the project, after Phase II winning the LEED Silver.
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