Aug. 6 2020

Siemens supports Flender Phase III R&D Center honored LEED Gold certification

Siemens and Flender Mechanical Drive Systems Co., Ltd. (Flender) held a certificate handover ceremony to celebrate that Flender Phase III R&D Center was awarded LEED Gold certification today. With the green and smart energy-saving technologies and expertise in sustainable management for buildings, Siemens provided the R&D Center with the comprehensive green solutions for design, construction and operational management, integrating Siemens Building Technology’s key products and technologies in automation control with the advanced green technologies in electromechanical engineering, lighting and heating, actively building sustainable constructions and creating the green and smart work space. Having been committed to the green and sustainable development for years, Flender partnered with Siemens in building Flender Phase III R&D Center and winning LEED Gold for the project, after Phase II winning the LEED Silver.

“At present, China is vigorously promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing. Flender has aimed to build up a green plant and achieve sustainable development while working on digitalization and intelligent manufacturing,” CEO of Flender Mechanical Drive Systems Co., Ltd., Zhang Zishen stated, “As a global leader in the field of intelligent and green building technology, Siemens provides Flender with green and smart building technologies and solutions, constantly facilitating the operational optimization of the plant with greater efficiency and improvement in green and sustainable development, and making it a low energy-consuming, comfortable and environment-friendly industrial district, so as to accomplish the goals of sustainability, energy saving and environment protection. The LEED Gold we are awarded this time is a reward for Flender’s hard work in energy saving and sustainability.”

“With the world’s leading green and intelligent building technologies, Siemens is committed to meeting the demands for personaliztion, energy saving and intellectualization, building up the perfectly secured, comfortable and energy-saving space with innovative technologies, and constantly boosting energy saving, efficiency improving and digital transformation with building technologies and services,” stated Ricky Liu, Head & Vice President of Regional Solutions & Services, Smart Infrastructure, Siemens Ltd., China, and General Manager of Siemens Building Technologies (Tianjin) Ltd., “As a reliable partner on the sustainable development in green smart industrial parks and smart cities, Siemens and Flender have been working together for a long time. We hope the LEED Gold will play an demonstration role in the sustainable development of smart manufacturing in plants, buildings and industrial parks, so as to help China to build up more high-efficient, energy-saving and smart plants and push forward the green digital transformation and upgrading in buildings, industrial parks, etc.”

Embracing the green and smart concept, Siemens has in-depth understanding of Fender’s needs. The green smart building technologies and energy efficiency systems are fully used in design and construction, including building automation system, energy management and control, energy-saving lighting and power supply system. Meanwhile, according to the LEED Gold standards, Siemens had a comprehensive energy-saving plan in location, water management, energy optimization, indoor environmental quality, use of building material, etc., including the use of hybrid lighting systems, solar photovoltaic lighting in restaurants, cooling and heating through the exchange of geothermal heat pumps, so as to improve the efficiency of the air-conditioning system. These green technologies and plans enable the R&D Center to take the best advantage of natural light and energy, reduce energy consumption and carbon emission, creating a comfortable, healthy, high-efficient and smart office environment for the staff. Statistics show that the R&D Center could save 14% energy and 51% water, and reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 50,000 kg each year, to ensure the best indoor air quality.

Siemens has been working with Flender on green and sustainable development since 2016. In the energy efficiency program of Flender Phase III, Siemens Building Technologies provided multiple solutions including energy-saving projects for high bay lights in workshops and warehouses and streetlights, optimal control of chiller plant and retrofit of air exhausting systems in workshops, and applied the energy management platform Navigator to improve the energy efficiency of the HVAC system and lighting system, assisting Flender in saving energy and reducing emissions. Since 2018, Flender has saved energy of 3 million kWh and reduced CO2 emissions more than 3,000 tons annually.

About Siemens in China

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