Maserati worked with holistic manufacturing solutions, choosing Siemens as a partner.

Driven by Data

The Future is Digital

How can you achieve a shorter time to market without sacrificing quality?
To meet these market demands, sports car manufacturer Maserati went digital and worked with holistic manufacturing solutions, choosing a partner who covers the entire industrial value chain: Siemens.


Boosting Product Design and Development

Digitalization starts with the design of a product. Maserati uses the CAD software NX to virtually create, simulate, and test their cars, significantly reducing the number of prototypes needed. In combination with the PLM software Teamcenter, the Maserati engineers manage their project collaboratively across various locations. The result: analysis and development times were significantly reduced.

Meet the digital twin: thousands of individual pieces come together to form the Maserati Ghibli.

Siemens’ integrated solutions for manufacturing helped Maserati obtain a benchmark in the automotive industry.

Time to market

With NX and Teamcenter, Maserati can seamlessly move from style sketch to macro feasibility check and component development.

less development time

NX and Teamcenter allow us to perform analyses which until recently could only be carried out physically, through the creation of prototypes.

Luca Soriato, Product Development, Vehicle Integration and Validation, Maserati S.p.A.

Software Engineering: Full Speed Ahead

Digitalization is a crucial topic for Siemens – making a strong team of software engineers indispensable. With 17,500 software developers worldwide, Siemens is already a leader in vertical IT technologies. Many experts have been working in teams around the world since NX was first launched to develop and constantly improve the CAD software. See why Siemens is their employer of choice.

0 Siemens software engineers worldwide
  • Meenakshi Bhati is Implementation Consultant for Teamcenter in Kista, Sweden.

    Meenakshi Bhati
    Implementation Consultant for Teamcenter, Kista (Sweden)

    Our biggest challenge is to keep the product as configurable as possible in order to meet the varied requirements of different industries. I like to work at Siemens because of its work culture and the freedom that is given to me. I have worked in Product Lifecycle Management since the first day and have seen it grow over the years.

  • Yury Danilov is Technical Product Manager in Moscow, Russia.

    Yury Danilov
    Technical Product Manager, Moscow (Russia)

    The implementation of modern CAD design tools and processes helps us to create advanced aircrafts, ships, consumer goods, and more. It’s very pleasant to see that you are a part of this progress. Siemens offers an international working environment and gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain experience in various industries.

  • Elisabeth Mossberg is Solution Architect in Professional Services, Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Elisabeth Mossberg
    Solution Architect in Professional Services, Gothenburg (Sweden)

    The project I am part of introduces the software solutions Teamcenter and NX to manage the product lifecycle for wind turbines. Working for Siemens grants me access to interesting projects and customers. I feel privileged working for Professional Services. We have a lot of talented people in our organization. Every day I learn something new and I can grow with the help of my colleagues.

Production Planning

A Plant for the Future

When faced with the need to produce higher volumes, the biggest imperative at Maserati was to retain the exclusive feel of their cars. But that was not the only challenge: to make the modern production line work, it needed to be integrated with the transport systems in the existing factory. The software Tecnomatix for virtual planning and simulation of the production made both possible.

Tecnomatix has helped us to speed up the analysis of the product evolution and to assess the effects on the production process.

Massimo Anfosso, Manufacturing Engineering, General Assembly Project Manager,
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Efficiency and Quality in Real-Time

In the plant in Grugliasco, Italy, the Ghibli finally becomes reality. The solution: SIMATIC IT, a highly scalable manufacturing execution system that monitors the whole production process in real-time. The guarantor of success: robot automation and diagnostics are fully integrated, so problems can be detected and resolved when they arise.

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After you have experienced the Maserati site for yourself, hear why SIMATIC IT makes production in this plant so efficient and flexible:

There are no two cars the same. Each Maserati client has their own wishes. Thanks to this system we can manage all the requested components in real-time with the suppliers.

Anna Adilardi,
Information & Communication Technology Manager, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Thanks to the Manufacturing Execution System SIMATIC IT, Maserati produces 0×more cars
than before

Portfolio Overview

Bringing the Digital Factory to Life

From the first sketch to final product: efficient and intelligently-networked industry software by Siemens helped Maserati prepare for the future of manufacturing. Is your plant ready yet?

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