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Challenges in the areas of energy and the environment can be met not by doing without technology but rather by continuing to develop it to save energy and protect the environment in other words by developing more efficient technologies.

Improving the efficiency of energy systems will therefore play a major role in solving the energy and environmental problems of the future. To improve efficiency, there must be a rapid transfer of technology from the industrialized countries to developing countries. That will mean using ultramodern technologies when building power supply systems in developing and newly industrializing countries. Thereby using fuels more efficiently so that less damage is done to the climate and resources are not used up.

Siemens is the world's only supplier, along with its partners, that offers the complete spectrum of modern power plant technology: ranging from conventional thermal power plants to advanced technologies like Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, and from wind power systems and hydro power to fuel cells for centralized and decentralized electricity generation. We also offer a broad range of products, solutions, and services for the industrial applications of customers in the petroleum and natural gas industries and in other industry sectors. Our digital instrumentation & control systems with state-of-the-art hardware and software standards increase the economic efficiency and environmental compatibility of power plants and industrial ­installations.

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